How Hiring Businesses should choose which Recruiter to Partner With

There are lots of Recruiters & Search businesses out there, so how do you choose which one to partner with? Any experienced business owner or leader with experience will tell you, to get the best candidates you need specialists who focus in your sector.

High quality specialist recruiters should only put forward a small number of high quality candidates who should really make an impact. You won’t waste time interviewing lots of poorly qualified candidates if you choose a specialist

Indigo Search, who specialise in Logistics & Supply Chain recruitment are in a much stronger position to understand the type of Logistics & Supply Chain candidates you require. We have many years of experience working in recruitment for this specialism and possess extensive knowledge of the various roles and specific skills candidates will require.

Expert recruiters use a number of strategies:

Being Consultative

The top recruiters tend to work as a ‘consultant’ to the business whilst they are working with the client. They should work on an equal footing with the client and provide them with advice and their knowledge in order to gain the best outcome.

The best working relationships I have been involved with during my career have been in this fashion. Yes – the client is the one who has the ultimate say as they pay the bills, but those that succeed are more often than not the ones who will work together collaboratively with a knowledgeable recruiter to ensure that they get the talent they want.

Job Take-On Process

A good recruiter takes the time to understand the nuances of a vacancy but also your business, culture, your onboarding strategy etc in order to best gauge “the fit”. Most of the mediocre recruiters won’t go in-depth to the necessary degree whilst being briefed on a role.

At Indigo Search we always conduct an in-depth process with clients (even those that are known to us) to ensure we best gauge the correct fit. If a client is unable/unwilling to do this, it indicates to us that this role/process is not high on their list of priorities.

Candidate Registration Process

Similar to the above, any recruiter should be able to understand what a candidate has done and how they marry up with the role. Only the best recruiters conduct a more in-depth process to understand what motivates a candidate, what their aspirations are, what culture would best suit them etc.


One of the most important indicators that your chosen agency is a leader in the field of recruitment is investment in their software. Effective recruiters need to invest in the best technology to help them source, sort and manage candidates. Agencies should be able to use their software and expertise to offer regular detailed reports to clients.

At Indigo Search we have invested in just that – utilising the best CRM in the marketplace and also the best CV Aggregator out there to ensure we are able to provide a quality service when called upon.

Effective Advertising 

You need to be sure your vacancies are properly promoted.  Modern recruiters should be using their own professional websites, social media, email marketing, content marketing, major job boards and more to get your vacancy seen.

Advice on Attractive Job Descriptions

In a candidate-driven market it is just as important that a business impresses a candidate as it is for a candidate to impress a business. Part of the solution is for businesses to market themselves to candidates in the correct way – particularly in key areas where there are skills shortages. Recruiters understand this and having worked with so many companies in their specialism they know what makes compelling job roles stand out in order to draw in the most qualified and dynamic talent.

Effective Networking

In addition to simply promoting your vacancies on a host of platforms the best recruiters will go the extra mile to seek out and engage with great talent. They will be networking and constantly starting conversations with the right people to attract them to your company.

Detailed CV Screening and Shortlisting 

Good recruiters experienced in finding the best candidates will have refined methods for CV screening and shortlisting to make sure you only meet the cream of the crop.

Data Analysis

Data analysis, when done correctly, can be a really useful tool for recruiters. With so much candidate data being brought in by their sophisticated software, leading specialist recruiters need to be able to understand and analyse patterns and correlations in data to find the best candidates.

Salary Bench-Marking

Leading recruiters have their hand on the pulse of the economy and the job market. They know what salaries are expected in various sectors and for the individual roles within those fields. They also have insights into salary expectations by region and by seniority, so they can advise on appropriate salary levels for your vacancies.

Psychometric Testing and Profiling 

Psychometric testing has become extremely popular. It has always been used by large firms to make sure that they are gaining intelligent candidates with problem solving skills, initiative creative and business acumen as well as the right experience and technical skills. The traits revealed by this kind of profiling can make the difference between getting a good employee or a great one.

If you’re looking for leading recruitment support within Logistics & Supply Chain roles. Please contact us on 01143 830 135 or to see how we can help you recruit and on-board talent that will help take your business to the next level.



Steve Eston

Head of Recruitment

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